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MOTE is a verbal feedback tool that creates voice clips without the need for any student software installation. With a transcription alongside the teacher comment, students can see and hear feedback directly.

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If working with EAL students, record your feedback in English and then translate the transcript into their native language to ensure understanding.

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I am using MOTE extensively to reduce workload and provide specific feedback to students. As a MFL teacher I am able to convey pronunciation and intonation in a way I can't do in writing. Students can also respond to feedback with a simple click of a button.
Daren White


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Suggestion provided by:

Suggestion provided by:

Daren White


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  1. Mote allows educators to speak verbal instructions and it automatically transcribes those verbal instructions as text allow both modalities to be used to comprehend the instructions or feedback. Don’t forget – Students also need the extension.

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