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WriQ is a tool designed to achieve one thing – to improve writing. It helps by motivating, encouraging students to write and rewarding them when they do. For teachers it provides a fast and easy way to mark written work and provide better feedback. Plus, it does something nothing else can do – it’ll give teachers detailed tracking data on every single student’s progress. We’ve made it easy to use as well – it’s fully integrated with Google Docs and Google Classroom – so students continue to work as they always have with nothing new to learn.

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Top Tip

Encourage students to write in bursts to gain badges and raise their WriQ score over time.

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Case Study

We are currently using WriQ with lower ability students who are finding the challenge of bursts and badges very motivating. It has also reduced the marking load for teachers.
Daren White


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Suggestion provided by:

Daren White


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