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If a user has difficulty using the touchscreen or buttons, you can personalise how an iPad responds to your touch. Whilst in the iPad’s Settings and by then navigating to the Accessibility folder, you will find these accessibility features under the title Touch.

Assistive touch allows you to use your ipad if you have difficulty touching the screen or if you require an adaptive accessory. If you turn assistive touch on you will then see a new icon appear on your screen. When tapping, the new icon you will then have six very easy to use options. By default they are the 6 identified on screen but within settings, you can customise the top level menu by editing or adding up to 8 icons.

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One of the iPad’s newest features is the opportunity to connect a wireless device such as a mouse or joystick. Simply connecting these via bluetooth would allow a very personalised experience for a user. You can also toggle an on-screen keyboard.

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