Spoken Content

Spoken Content

A default iPad function

For those with low or no vision or even learners who struggle with Literacy/Comprehensions, reading text on an iPad (or iPhone) can be difficult at best, if not downright impossible. The “Spoken Content” functionality can help.  It’ll help a user by reading out words on a page or reading out the whole page whilst using an App or browsing a website.

Top Tip

Turn on the Speech Controller function and the device will always have quick access to the features available.

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Case Study

Traditionally, I've always gathered my pupils around in big groups and we've all listened to each other, take turns reading sections from books. When I was introduced to Spoken Content, I then transformed some of these sessions to support various abilities within my classes. The independence now introduced has supported those with literacy issues in particular. I would certainly vouch for the functionality in supporting learners with visual impairment too.
B Roberts-James


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