Molehill Mountain

Molehill Mountain

A tool to support people understand and self-manage anxiety

Molehill Mountain is an app to help autistic people understand and self-manage anxiety. It does this by having a really simple interface. That basically lets you monitor and track where your anxiety is coming from. It’s not too complex and easy enough for a teenager to get their head around and adults/parents. 

We frequently advise several strategies to help young people cope with stress during test season and throughout the year. To ensure that young people have strong mental health and are in a good position to learn, use breathing exercises or headspace. However, a lot of these apps are inappropriate for autistic people to relieve tension and anxiety, who require specific techniques.

So Molehill is great because it is one of the few apps created with autistic individuals in mind. Molehill Mountain is used to help autistic people understand and self-manage anxiety based on data from studies on anxiety in autistic people. It was created by Autistica, a UK charity with researchers from King’s College London, developed and tested by parents and people with autism.

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The breathing exercises are great because they basically talk you through breathing. It’s 120 seconds of… breath out for four, and hold, followed by breathing in for four and hold. It gives you a really good place to concentrate when things are tough. Very good if you had to send a student outside to calm down. Molehill uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and the ABC Model (Antecedents, Behavior, Consequences) to help you focus on comprehending the interconnectedness of your thoughts, feelings, bodily experiences, and behaviours. Knowing your anxiety triggers and how you might be able to modify your responses to lessen your anxiety. Basically, allowing you or a student to understand what is going on with you!

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Case Study

The Fear Ladder helps you to address your fears in a comfortable way. It helps you to gradually face your fears over time until you feel less anxious about them. Totally useful for getting over something that feels intimidating, and many mini tips are given in a staged way, so no one feels overwhelmed!
Caroline Keep
Digital Leader, Uclan



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