Google Slides to create AAC communication boards


A tool available to use with Google Apps

You can create customisable communication boards for learners using Google Slides. Here’s how: Insert a series of images onto a ‘home page’ on slide one. Insert each image on a separate slide with an audio file describing that image. Use Format Options to play the sound automatically when the slides is selected. Use Insert>Link to link the image on the ‘home page’ on slides 1 to the individual slide of that image. Add in a home icon onto each slide that uses Insert>link to take users back to slide1 after selection.

Top Tips and Links

Top Tip

Hide the audio file icon when presenting to avoid distractions

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Case Study

For our learners experiencing PMLD we have been able to custom build communication boards themed around our lessons.
Sammy White
Luminate Education Group


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Suggestion provided by:

Suggestion provided by:

Sammy White


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