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“Zoom” is the traditional way to magnify parts or the entire screen. Prior to iOS 8, Zoom magnified the entire screen. iOS 8 introduced the Zoom Window – the ability to magnify a section of the screen while maintaining the normal settings on the rest of the screen.  The Zoom magnification range is 100 to 1,500%.

  • Double tap-three fingers to Zoom in/out
  • Drag three fingers to move around the screen
  • Double tap (holding on second tap) three-fingers and drag up to increase the Zoom
  • Double tap (holding on the second tap) three-fingers and drag down to decrease the Zoom
  • 1-finger hold on the top, bottom, right or left edge of the screen to quickly scroll in that direction

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Top Tip

Previously, when typing, Zoom did not follow as text was added. Follow Focus will automatically display the text which is currently being typed.

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Case Study

As a class, we have access to the iPad trolley about 3 times a week. Having been shown how to use the Zoom feature, I am now able to utilise it’s features across several different teaching and learning activities. My most common use is probably when I am displaying my iPad on the class display. With on average, 30 pupils in the class, the opportunity to zoom in on specific areas whilst presenting ensures that every learner can see the areas of the iPad screen that I am discussing. Alternatively, I’ve also guided a learner to use the feature whilst reading, on any iPad App. They tend to enable the feature at all times and then toggle the Zoom window off and on when needing to see larger text.
L Newbury
St Joseph’s Primary


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