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A creation and communication tool for students, educators and administrators to create interactive content, allowing those of all ages to visualise concepts and communicate creatively.

Buncee’s interactive, drag and drop interface helps students, educators and administrators create engaging multimedia projects and presentations to increase interactivity and flip the classroom.

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Create and Share Content from Anywhere Continue your work on-the-go. Then, customise your sharing to differentiate lessons.

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Case Study

Educators across the world are using BUNCEE to spark creativity and imagination among their students. Being a Buncee ambassador myself I use Buncee extensively in my classroom teaching and my students simply love buncee and all the features like stickers, animations, inbuilt videos, badges etc. Its simply FUN!
Sumedha Sodhi
Ahlcon International School


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Suggestion provided by:

Suggestion provided by:

Sumedha Sodhi


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